Our Services


Residential, Commercial, Lifestyle, Rural & Boundary Adjustment. We can manage your project from beginning to end, saving you time, worry and expense.

Maori Land / Papakainga Surveys

Assist with the ultilisation of your Whenua – we can partition land, design and survey a Papakainga Development or create easements as required.

Boundary Marking / Redefinition

Are you involved in a boundary dispute, erecting a fence, building a new home, garage or adding to an existing house? We can accurately locate your boundaries for you, giving you confidence for the future.

Topographical Surveys – incl Heights, Levels and Contours

A topographical survey or plan can be used for site layout, engineering or architectural design, planning or resource management purposes.

Site Plans

When building a new home, carrying out additions or landscaping, a detailed plan showing the position of existing features and heights can avoid costly rework or alterations once construction begins.

Cross-lease Updates and Conversion to Freehold

We can update any additions or alterations to your cross-lease title or convert your property to fee simple title and add value to your property.

Easement / Covenant Plan

Required should you need to define a legal right or restriction over another property for access or other service such as water or power.

Government Surveys

Crown land subdivision for boundary adjustment, sales or conservation uses. Creation of easements to improve management.

Resource Consent Applications

If you want to use your land for something not allowed as of right by the District or Regional Council, you will need a Resource Consent for the activity. We prepare and lodge with the appropriate Council on your behalf.

GPS Surveys

We have modern GPS Survey Equipment that will quickly survey large areas to accurate survey standards.

Engineering Surveys and Set Out

We can provide an As Built survey of your existing engineering works or set out your new project. We can also survey specialist work to ultra high precision.

Building Set Out

Save yourself time and money by contracting us to set out your building or project for you, making sure that it is set out correctly.

Landonline Searching

We can search Land Information New Zealand’s (LINZ) Landonline database to obtain Computer Freehold Register (CFR), easement instruments, consent notice and other legal documents registered on your Certificate of Title (CT).

Property Pre Purchase

A pre-purchase inspection of a property you may be considering will confirm the position of the boundaries and clarify the location of any easements, restrictive use areas, covenants or cross lease agreements and Council Services. This could be included as a condition of your sale and purchase agreement to ensure you understand the implications of the above before purchasing.